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non-registered massage therapy

Massage therapy consists primarily of hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, specifically, the muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints for the purpose of optimizing health.

Massage therapy treatment has a therapeutic effect on the body and optimizes health and well-being by acting on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Physical function can be developed, maintained and improved; and physical dysfunction and pain and the effects of stress can be relieved or prevented through the use of Massage Therapy.

Modern massage techniques can be traced back to the 1700′s and the development of Swedish massage, the first systematic method of therapeutic massage based on physiology. Today’s Massage Therapists use their knowledge of anatomy and physiology to combine traditional Swedish and modern Massage Therapy techniques with exercise and other therapies to treat their clients.

Your Treatment

Various specialized movements of the hands, over the skin or clothes, make up the Massage Therapy treatment. The Massage Therapist will work with your level of pain tolerance during the treatment, and the treatment can be stopped at any time should the treatment become uncomfortable.


60 minutes - $145

90 minutes - $190

Available Monday through Saturday


deluxe customized poa facial

A deeply effective and relaxing phytocosmetic treatment, using precious essential oils, suitable for all skin types and customized to meet your needs. After a thorough cleansing, toning, and extractions, a mask is chosen for your personal skin type to provide balance and healing, followed by a hand and arm massage.

This facial is designed to restore fatigued and exhausted skin for a brighter, more refined complexion - instantly. It is the ultimate anti-aging facial fighting fines lines and wrinkles whilst revitalizing and calming even the most damaged, dull skin.

Includes: decollete massage - a relaxing neck and shoulder massage - hot soapy towels on your feet, followed by a fabulous foot rub that will leave you floating.

60 minutes - $145

90 minutes - $190



Microdermabrasion is a simple convenient procedure used in patients with early signs of aging and sun damage. Those with minimal superficial scarring and hyper-pigmentation can also benefit. It is non-invasive procedure with no discomfort or recovery time.

It has been available in Europe since the late 1980s using corundum aluminum oxide mineral microcrystals to remove dead or damaged superficial cells.

Most commonly treated areas: the face, chest, shoulders, back and hands. The procedure is performed with a jet of fine mineral crystals passing over the skin's surface by creating a gentle vacuum. The crystals gently exfoliate the outmost layer of skin known as the stratum corneum. Once removed it reveals ones own fresher younger looking skin beneath. A single Microdermabrasion session is equal to three 30% glycolic acid peels or one 70% peel.

Your Microdermabrasion Treatment:

These treatments are meant to be progressive, not aggressive. After one treatment your skin will look brighter. Great results are seen after the third treatment. Treatments are performed in a series every few weeks. Microdermabrasion is helpful to perform 7 to 10 days before Intense Pulsed Light IPL treatments to enhance the IPL results.

Each Microdermabrasion takes 15 to 40 minutes depending on the area being treated. Microdermabrasion is followed by a luxurious Poa Signature Facial, customized to your skin type. Sunscreen SPF 30 or higher should be used for several days after.

There is minimal to no discomfort but some patients may experience a slightly tingling afterward. Skin may appear slightly red afterwards which can last 12 to 24 hours. It is important not to exercise immediately after Microdermabrasion because perspiration will cause a stinging sensation that can last several hours.

Patients who undergo Microdermabrasion should discontinue Vitamin A creams and glycolic acid creams 3 to 5 days before. These can be restarted 2 to 3 days after the procedure.

75 minutes - $215

tinting & threading

Threading originates from India and the Middle East. It is a unique beauty procedure that removes unwanted hair from any part of the body. Threading was originally an exclusive beauty treatment used for special occasions like weddings and festivals. Today it is popular in the west among both men and women. 

Threading is gentle to enough to remove facial hair yet strong enough to remove stubborn hair on legs and hands. This procedure restrains hair from growing back quickly and reduces hair thickness and density. Hair grows back fine and light. No other hair removal treatment can achieve this. 

Threading is a great method for shaping eyebrows, since it doesn't pull the skin - which prevents skin from sagging, keeping wrinkles at bay.

Chin: $19

Upper Lip: $19

Eyebrow Shaping: $30

Eyebrow Tint: $20


nail care

Deluxe Manicure:

Prepare to be pampered.  Your hands will be massaged and polished to perfection.  Nail trimming and filing, cuticle treatment, buffing or polish, hand and arm massage.  All while resting and reclining in a heated cocoon-like chair.

Deluxe Pedicure:

Relax and soak your feet in soothing, mineral enriched water infused with energizing essential oils. This pedicure treatment includes nail shaping, meticulous cuticle and callus removal, foot massage, polish application and an array of finishing treatments for your legs and feet.  All while resting and reclining in a heated cocoon-like chair.

Deluxe Manicure: $45

Deluxe Pedicure: $75



Waxing as a hair removal method is widely used in countries like Brazil. Good quality wax is made with beeswax and soothing natural oils. Some synthetic waxes are also available. 

Performed using both cold and hot varieties, waxing can be used for sensitive areas like the face, underarms and the pubis. Often used on hands and legs, it can be used on the entire body. Some believe cold wax (straight from a bottle), is less effective than hot wax applied by a trained beautician.

Basic Bikini: $39


Brazilian: $82

Half Leg: $46

Full Leg: $90

Underarms: $20

Back: from $60

Chest: from $60

Half Arm: $30

Full Arm: $42


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